Real-time previews & new charts in the Pipeline Wizard

We’ve updated the Pipeline Wizard to include a real-time preview of your data visualisation as you are creating it. It’s great for experimenting with different templates and charts to find the one that best suits your data.

You will also find we have expanded our selection of charts to include the following:

  • Pie Chart
  • Stacked Column Chart
  • Stacked Area Chart

Using these new charts in conjunction with the Pivot Table function means you can quickly build your own reporting dashboard.

Of course, however big or small your operation, it’ll scale; it’s how the biggest projects on the planet manage their budgets, how the Sabisu team manage P&L.

It’s the only way to rapidly digitise your reporting processes, driving weekly and monthly management meetings that may previously have been rendered manually in MS Excel and/or PowerPoint.

It’s easy to use Sabisu Go and Sabisu Bridge to pull data from spreadsheets and accounting systems and visualise them using the new Pipeline Wizard Pivots and Charts.


We’re always interested in hearing from you with any comments or suggestions, feel free to get in touch.



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