Revealing the Hackathon result…and some platform improvements (r7546)

You may have noticed that there have been no releases since the Hackathon. That’s because we’ve been working on a few different workstreams and over the next couple of weeks you’ll see new or revised features in the platform.

This week we’re excited to announce our new feature: Enterprise Search.

Yes, Sabisu’s mission to provide a single place for all the data you need has brought us to Enterprise Search.  As of this release, it’s available to all customers and is active for the cloud demo data too.

Clearly there’s much we could write about it so there’s a follow-up post coming in the next few days about how it works and the implementation of it. As you’ll appreciate, we’re all about aggregation here at Sabisu, so we’re sure you’ll be interested in the details.

Creating an Enterprise Search beta was the focus of our Hackathon and it shows just how much can be achieved when you dedicate the team to a short-term single objective.

We’ve also had a lot of work for customers to get through, which is always very exciting. Some changes to the platform have resulted;

We now have a ‘slider’ Component in the Widget Builder. It’s a great way to set a value and of course is fully action enabled.

We’ve made some changes to the Tree View Component:

  • The dialog when removing a tree node now reads “Yes/No” instead of “Yes/Cancel”.
  • The treeview component now has the capability to bind events to edit, onclick, add and remove.
  • The wording has been changed on the delete tree node dialog of the Treeview component. (No changes required from Widget Creators).
  • Widget Creators can now hook into events raised by the Tree View Component to provide ‘custom’ user experiences when interacting with the Tree View. This is controlled through the On Add / On Edit / On Delete/ On Click fields in the Builder, which allow Widget Authors to enter JavaScript functions for custom behaviour. Any script entered into Builder has access to the ‘parameters’ object, which has 3 properties; “div” (the HTML container for the Tree View control), “node” (an object containing properties with details on the treenode (ID,Text,ParentID,Data)) and “webresponse” (the response from the web service call if executed via a writeback procedure).

The Chart Component has also been updated:

  • The colour selection for parameters or tags on the Chart Component has been simplified; users can now choose from the Sabisu standard palette, ensuring Charts are presented well.
  • Widget Creators can now edit the message which is displayed on a chart when there is no data available or no tags have been dropped on the chart. This is controlled through the No Data Message and Error Message fields in the Builder under the Chart component.
  • Widget Creators can now opt to turn off the legend for Charts. This is controlled by the IncludeLegend field in the Builder under the chart component.

The Table Component has also been updated:

  • The filter has been updated with an easier to use front end. We’ve also fixed several positioning bugs which could occur depending on where filter was opened and the size of the Widget.

Expect a post about Sabisu Enterprise Search shortly.

In the meantime please feel free to get in touch.

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