Revision #1249 (‘Odysseus’/’Ajax’) available

Major updates

A significant number of updates in this dual release (two weeks worth of changes released at once).

The biggest impact on users will be the revised tab layout on the dashboard view:

  • The code has been significantly optimised – it’s fast. Really fast.
  • The side bar tab on the left of the screen has been removed. The side bars can now be accessed via three icon buttons to the left of the tabs.
  • The tab options top right have been moved to drop down beneath each tab. When a user moves their cursor over a tab, a drop down arrow appears to indicate the tab options are there.
  • Community related tab actions are now in the tab bar top right, allowing the inviting of users to communities, editing of pages and so on.
Behind the scenes much work has been done to make the UI markup easier to work with in the future. Mobile users should also find improved compatibility, as will those who need to use Sabisu on a low resolution.
Other updates
  • A configurable data size limit has been set on widget contents to prevent badly configured widgets returning huge volumes of data to the client and crippling it.
  • Users can no longer create duplicate shortcut folder names.
  • The ‘Create Shortcut’ dialog no longer includes archived communities.
  • An issue in Widget Editor preventing communities from being set properly has been resolved.
  • An issue where users sometimes received duplicate notifications has been resolved.
  • Users linking to Facebook will find that their posts to Facebook now have a ‘back link’ to the right location in Sabisu.
  • Users can now post updates to LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook from the header bar ‘Share’ facility.
  • The ‘Send Widget Hyperlink’ dialog has been updated to allow posting of a hyperlink to LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.
  • The Discussion Forum widget now uses the integrated Sabisu security API, hence online users list is consistent with chat and Hub.
  • The ‘Reset my community pages’ function has been rewritten to improve performance.
  • The ‘Share’ dialog used to share pages, widgets or invite users, has been simplified to allow an email or existing user to be entered without needing to toggle input fields.
  • Fixed an issue in the Hub which prevented users from replying to posts.
  • When a user adds a new tab the system will now prompt the user to rename that tab.
  • The ‘Company Registration’ capability has been removed from the registration process. At present it has limited relevance.
  • When a new community is created, a new File Manager folder will be created automatically.
  • File Manager will prompt a user to create a new community if they are not currently part of one.
  • Users can now initiate a chat based on a folder or file within File Manager.
  • Resolved an error which occurred when starting a conversation whilst the chat tag window already open.
  • Resolved an error which resulted in a failed login displaying a non-standard failure screen.
  • Resolved a defect where community avatars were not displayed.
  • Resolved minor defects in the ‘Find & Join Communities’ dialog.
  • Resolved an error where a particular set of circumstances made it possible to ‘lose’ the top of a widget window underneath the header bar.

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