Revision #127 (‘Aenas’) available

Revision 127 (‘Aenas’) available
Community View
Refreshing is now quicker, so there are no circumstances where ‘No Data’ will be shown (unless, of course, there’s no data available).
Timestamps on the timeline have been checked and verified.
When a community is selected in the Community View there is an ‘Invite’ button top right for inviting new users to the community.
General Platform
When creating a community the user is now prompted to enter a parent community. Various other UI changes have been made to this process to make the community inheritance behaviour clearer.
An intermittent problem with stalling when an unauthorised user tries to create a top level community has been resolved.
Additional help text has been added to the social network linking page on the user profile.
Users can now delete shortcuts from the footer bar.
When creating  a shortcut, the protocol is automatically prepended.
Sharing notification options have been updated to be Accept, Accept & Go and Reject.
Accepting a notification now causes a refresh – and doesn’t cause a refresh if the notification is just closed.
Emails sent by the platform have had an overhaul to look better and be more descriptive.

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