Revision #1356 (‘Patroclus’)

General Changes:

  • Administration of communities has been moved to the Hub. Users are now redirected to this administration facility from the old footer bar menu.
  • On-premise Administrators can now disable social media links for all their users.
  • The Share option in the header bar now only shows configured social network options.
  • The ‘My Pages’ side bar now displays widget titles consistent with those on the user’s workspace.
  • Chat has been improved yet again and is now more responsive.
  • Fixed bug with widget links where widget titles containing percent sign ( % ) failed to convert.
  • Last login time now is now more reliable.

Widget Editor changes:

  • Users are forced to the login page if the token expires whilst in the Widget Editor.
  • User now has option to automatically build a chart legend based on the settings they specify in the Tags section of the chart config.
  • When the subcomponents of a widget construct are collapsed, the name property is shown in collapsed mode, making it easier to find the relevant subcomponent in the list when there are many of the same type.
  • There are new options to copy, paste, save and import a fully configured subcomponent.
  • Moving subcomponents now moves all the supporting configuration.

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