Revision #1356 (‘Thersites’)

This revision is the last scheduled release of 2011.

Since the development team went to the weekly release schedule in July, meaning that 2011 has seen 23 revisions. Throughout this time the platform has been stable – there has been no downtime since moving to the datacentre in January.

We hope everyone has a great holiday and is looking forward to next year as much as we are.

So, for the final time this year, to the weekly release. A series of minor but valuable changes this week, with particular progress made on performance improvements:

  • A potential denial of service attack vector around the login process has been closed.
  • User profile avatars are now stored and distributed more efficiently, greatly speeding up Chat and the Hub.
  • An issue with memory leaks in the browser client has been resolved. This particularly affected IE8 machines that were left running unattended for a significant length of time.
  • The ‘Reset Community Pages’ action has been moved to the User Profile menu. It was felt to be too prominent in it’s previous location given the frequency of use.
  • A number of issues which under certain circumstances would cause a browser client to become unresponsive have been resolved. Most users will experience some measure of performance improvement as a result.
  • An issue where Widget Conversations/Messages notifications were being overwritten by refreshing the widget concerned has been resolved.
  • Users will now be alerted if there is a new chat message and the chat window does not have focus. Previously, users would not have been alerted unless they were in a different browser window. The title bar will be updated when the user dismisses the notification.
  • The File Upload process in File Manager now posts to social networks in the same way as the header bar ‘Share’ function.
  • Communities functionality has been moved out of the footer.
  • Various widgets have been constructed so we can see how heavily the platform is being used. We’d be happy to show interested parties how we manage the platform using the platform.
  • An issue where links to widgets were not being properly rendered in Chat windows has been resolved.
  • A widget for showing Widget Feedback has been constructed and is available to all Widget Authors or On-Premise Administrators.
  • File Manager now permits multiple file uploads from a single dialog.
  • If a user attempts to rejoin a community, Sabisu will now take the appropriate action in terms of reauthorising that user, or getting a Community Owner to do so.


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