Revision #1420 (‘Astraeus’) available

With a number of the team being focused on implementing Sabisu into client sites this week, it’s been a relatively small release to consolidate recent Builder changes. Even so there are some excellent new features this week.


As part of our ongoing focus on ease of use, we have introduced read-only widgets which demonstrate various platform concepts and features. They’re great basic widgets you can copy and modify, so they may save you time creating new widgets or act as a good learning aid.

As a scalability, performance, usability and security enhancement, we have introduced a new mechanism for passing short-lived data items between components of the system. Most notably this affects chart widgets where the query or tag list is particularly complex and therefore cannot be passed on a URL querystring. At the moment we’re using this internally but we will make this available via the On-Premise API eventually.

We have a new Wiki for users of Builder! Here’s the first page which provides help on Components in Builder:

Builder now shows the real name of all Components rather than the shortened name, e.g., ‘Break’ is now shown instead of ‘br’.

Hotkeys are now disabled in Builder. On reviewing their behaviour the development team felt they were in danger of providing an inconsistent user experience between parts of the platform and therefore they’ve been removed for now.

The new $ value $FormatDate is now included into the autosense type-ahead.

Fixed an intermittent error in Builder which presented itself to on-premise users preventing them from creating or opening Widgets.


Fixed an issue where resetting a Community Page could hide Widgets.

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