Revision #2040 (‘Pelsistratus’)

No real major changes this week. However the following changes have been made so as to further improve the social capability of the platform:

  • Users are now notified when someone replies to their post in the Hub, driving conversations and collaboration.
  • Users are notified when other users who share a community with them join the platform or log on, allowing them to pro-actively engage with colleagues or partners.
  • The Hub right hand panel now allows the user list to be filtered by most active.

Minor changes:

  • Resolved defect where the ‘push’ mechanism became hyperactive under certain circumstances.
  • Resolved defect where inviting third parties into a community using email failed under certain circumstances.
  • Shortcut folders are now clearly identified with an appropriate icon.
  • When a user shares a widget that requires admin approval, a notification is sent that the share request is in a pending state.
  • Footer bar icons are now consistent with the rest of the platform.
  • An intermittent defect where drag-resizing a widget selects all the content in range has been resolved.
  • Notifications now inform the user whether a page or widget has been shared.
  • Users are now notified when they’ve been tagged in a post to the Hub.
  • The Hub now has a permanently available invite option.
  • Resolved an intermittent error where posts to the Hub were sometimes duplicated.
  • The Hub now uses the screen real estate better when used in high resolutions.
  • In IE8 the post dates in the Hub were sometimes incorrect; this has now been resolved.

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