Revision #2094 (‘Chryses’)

No major changes as such this week but here are some neat new features:

  • Wherever there’s a community page icon in the tab bar, hovering over it will reveal community details; whether it’s a sub-community, whether it’s public/protected/private, a description and some options to start using the community.
  • The Dashboard ‘hints mode’ has also been given an overhaul and is much more user friendly as a result.
  • When a user shares a widget or a page, users in the appropriate community can now see this; it’s intended to drive better sharing of information throughout communities.
  • Also, if a user shares a widget or a page containing widgets that require Admin approval, the users concerned are now notified of this. It resolves the issue where a user can share a widget but nothing happens – because the share is in fact awaiting approval.
  • Users can now be tagged using the ‘@’ symbol in Chat. Try it; type ‘@’ and then a user’s name and you’ll get a type-ahead so you can select the appropriate user.

And here are some mor minor changes:

  • Users are now reliably directed to correct communities and pages when invited by an Admin using ‘Generate Key Invite’.
  • An intermittent problem preventing external users being invited to protected communities has now been resolved.
  • An intermittent problem where hash-tagging sometimes didn’t work in chat has been resolved.
  • Leaving a community now updates the Hub.
  • We’ve removed the Company Registration option from the sign-up process. It’ll be back and better than ever before but it was lacking the support of suitable features in the platform.
  • The audible chat alert is back (‘the bong’). It had been disabled due to a defect introduced by the Chrome browser developers which caused a blank blue screen to be displayed playing audio in certain circumstances. They’ve fixed their browser so the bong is back.

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