Revision #2155 (‘Chryseis’)

This release sees us continue to work on the user experience. The following aren’t major architectural changes but users will notice some differences:

  • Every widget now has a ‘cog’ icon, visible when you mouse-over the widget. This now contains the widget menu for refreshing, sharing, collaborating and so on.
  • The border around the widgets has been narrowed to a single pixel to make the widgets feel a bit ‘lighter’.
  • Following on from last week’s release where we introduced ‘hover-cards’ for Communities, we’ve done the same for users too; if a user is ‘@’ tagged, or shows in the ‘chat’ menu, you can hover over their names to see which public/protected communities they’re in or private communities they share with you.

We’ve also made the following minor changes:

  • The ‘invite users to community’ dialog is a bit easier to use.
  • We’ve resolved an issue where an unbroken text string entered into the Hub ‘share’ field caused an error.
  • A slight delay has been added to hover-cards as they were a bit too eager to pop-up resulting in unnecessary screen clutter whilst trying to get around.

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