Revision 2173 released

Release 2173

  • We’re trialling a beta of a new interface, loosely called the ‘Social UI’. It’s a bit more than that – you’ll see it’s full impact over the next few releases. It’s available on the header bar but we’ll be linking it in to external services in the next release.
  • User accounts will now be locked after 3 incorrect password attempts. Users will be prompted to use the password reset feature. Steps have been taken to prevent a DDoS and spoofing.
  • Push has been implemented for chat and notifications.
  • Widgets can now be linked to directly within the platform and from outside the platform.
  • Chat sessions can now be started from a widget. A link to the widget is included in case all users in on the chat don’t have the widget on screen.
  • Images now load consistently from the Sabisu central server.
  • Communities can now be archived by community administrators.
  • Widget and widget page recommendations can now be added and removed from the side bar.
  • Modal prompt boxes are now consistent.
  • Users are now notified of their last login time on logging into the platform.
  • Communities dialog has new tooltips.
  • OpenID provider login will now display a standard message if the user tries to use OpenID with an account not registered in Sabisu.
  • The File Manager widget will now post updates to Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn if the user has the correct settings in the user profile.
  • User Profile now has 2 new sections:
  • “Manage Social Network Accounts” for mapping social network accounts to Sabisu so user can post updates.
  • “Manage Social Interactions” to allow user to choose what to post to.
  • File Manager will now accept ‘.band’ files.
  • Fixed bugs with widget hyperlink dialog.
  • Fixed defect where subtab opens when no communities are clicked in Join In has been resolved.
  • Fixed issue where occasionally previous page is displayed when switching tabs.
  • Fixed issue where JS error is caused when clicking widget recommendation notification.
  • Fixed issue in side bar when opening and closing categorisations of apps which caused them to bunch together.

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