Revision #2203 (‘Briseis’ and ‘Apollo’)

This release has seen us make a number of smaller, but important, enhancements:

  • Poiltry Plc, our demonstration corporation, has some new communities to show how the platform can be used in different ways including Capital Projects, Energy Management and Leak Detection.
  • When a user joins a community it now features in the Hub so that other users can start collaborating straight away and can see the history of community activity if they were away. This makes the Hub much more dynamic.
  • Where the system posts an update to the Hub the context is now clearly stated, e.g., a widget message will clearly identify the source widget. Again, this makes the Hub dynamic and allows each user to quickly assess the relevance of a post.

Minor changes:

  • An intermittent error where sending a link to a widget failed has been resolved.
  • The sign-up email is a bit friendlier.
  • Widget messages are now rendered in a manner consistent with the new menus.
  • Dashboard tabs are now refreshed when a user joins a community, so the latest information is immediately available.
  • Hyperlinks are now represented properly in the Hub.
  • The ‘hovercards’ for users have been tweaked slightly to ensure that only public or protected communities are displayed and that a user can’t start a chat with themselves.
  • ‘Speedometer’ style sub-components can now be reliably set with a non-zero offset value.


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