Revision #2262 (‘Thetis’)

This release sees the team continue to add functionality that links enterprise data to conversations; we believe we can now socialise data in unique ways.

  • Users now have a new option on the widget menu; click the cog to bring up the menu, then select ‘Watch’. If the widget is reporting a numerical value (e.g., a speedo) then the user can set parameters to put an alert into the Hub either for themselves, or one of their communities. It’s a great way to stay on top of developing situations if you happen to be away from your desktop.
  • All the back-end work to allow users to set up a monitor on any enterprise database is now in place. This means the alerting capability can be exploited across the enterprise, regardless of whether a widget is in place. The user interface for this capability will appear in the next few releases.

Minor changes:

  • An issue where the Forum widget was failing to register new posts under certain circumstances has been resolved.
  • Users carrying out a hashtag search will have seen unformatted text returned – this has been resolved for chat hashtags, with a fix imminent for Hub hashtags.
  • Notifications of requests to create a sub-community in a controlled community have been made more verbose.
  • If a user is the last administrator of a community but wishes to leave it, the platform now takes the user through the process of selecting an alternative administrator or archiving the community.

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