Revision #2277 now live

Revision 2277
Notifications have been significantly reworked behind the scenes to be quicker and less resource intensive.
Pending community join requests now appear in the Join list.
Fixed security popup in IE on user profile screen.
Chat improvements including:
 – First chat window no longer closed when second one opened.
 – Stopping and re-initiating now works reliably.
 – Widget links are now being properly rendered in Chat history.
 – The chat #tag search is now limited to your scope (i.e., your personal chats, your communities.
 – CSS improvements & fixes.
 – Close button now behaves itself.
 – Community chat now has a different icon in the text area.
Widget conversation updates are now delivered through the event-driven push system.
Improved efficiency and reliability of event notifications to reduce latency.
 – Improved UI & usability for community areas.
 – Community Management improvements.
 – Additional helpers around community areas.
 – Additional helpers under side bar switches.
 – CSS improvements to tab pages.
 – Resolved theming issues around cache clearing and using account on a different computer.

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