Revision #2308 (‘Aias’ & ‘Aphrodite’)

Some great stuff this week. We skipped an Easter release because of the public holidays eating into productive time.

Major changes:

  • Offline messaging is now in; you’ll see the Hub has ‘Messages’ and the footer bar has ‘Chat & Messages’. If someone isn’t on-line for a chat, you can message them anyway. Chat and messaging is integrated so the person you’re messaging will be alerted when they log-on to the platform and can seamlessly start a chat, or message you back.
  • The table subcomponent can now sort data in the table  – either ascending or descending.

Minor changes:

  • We’ve overhauled permissions in File Manager so as to be more consistent and reliable.
  • If you’re a user of one of our demo Poiltry Plc communities then you’ll see that a number of the pages have been updated.
  • There was an issue if you were particularly quick about hovering over a user in the Chat & Messages pop-up and then starting a chat where the hovercard would obscure the chat – this is now resolved.
  • A defect relating to chat history not showing the most recent chats has been updated.
  • A defect where a Widget Message cleared the content of the widget if the refresh interval coincided with the message arriving.
  • An incident with Generate Key Invite not working too well when addressing multiple emails has been resolved. This is a great way to quickly invite users into the platform and it’s now more reliable than ever.
  • Hashtag (#likethis) searching in Chat had been disabled as we felt it was inconsistent with other uses of hashtagging in the platform. It’s now switched back on again and whilst still not totally consistent, it’s much better.

We’ve made a number of minor changes to the main site too so any comments would be much appreciated. In particular it’s now possible to sign-up from wherever you land and there are a number of new pages under ‘What is Sabisu’. We’ve also added a new ‘Partners’ page.

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