Revision 2379 now available

Release Notes for Rev 2379
  • Commands system implemented (will help to resolve 99% of cross domain issues). For example, when a user ┬áchanges their profile picture, this is now pushed onto the platform.
  • Improvements around chat and notifications responsiveness.
  • New loading screen.
  • Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn user accounts can now be mapped to your Sabisu account.
  • Intermittent errors when registering a company now resolved.
  • Upon registering with Sabisu, the user is now forwarded into the platform rather than having to log in.
  • User is now alerted on the window when they have a new chat message.
  • Chats with unread messages are now always highlighted in the footer bar.
  • The correct community privacy setting is now kept when creating a community in Chrome.
  • User is now prompted to confirm deletion of a tab.
  • Tab bar now always scrolls to the active tab.
  • Facebook status updates are now posted correctly.
  • Community Management admin screen now shows users who have pending invites for the community.
  • Show Chat history now works for community chats.
  • Inheriting the parent community settings when creating a community no longer causes an error to occur.

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