Revision #2415 (‘Polydamas’)

A busy week here at Sabisu, with the focus being on enhancing the Hub user experience and demonstrating project intelligence capabilities.

Major changes:

  • The Widget Editor is looking great as we deliver the first in a series of changes to make it easier to use.
  • Following on from the introduction of OPC UA data integration in recent releases the changes have now been made to Widget Editor to make it easy to set up and access data sources.
  • The Hub continues to grow in capability; this week we’ve added

    Push‘ notifications so that users are alerted to new activity as it happens.

    Load on demand‘; as you scroll to the bottom of your list of messages, it’ll retrieve the next set automatically. This means the Hub is fast and will stay fast.

    Offline messaging is now represented better so it’s easy to message users who aren’t online at the time.

    Notifications and Administration feeds have been added so that the Hub really is where you find what’s relevant to you.

  • A significant amount of work has been done to extend the project intelligence demonstration. We now have a demo HDPE plant construction project which sits in a programme alongside some other large projects. We’ll put another post up shortly to take you through the demo in more detail but you can register here or if you’re already signed up, join the Poiltry HDPE Project community.


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