Revision #2444 (‘Hector’) available

Release Notes for Revision #2444 – ‘Hector’

  • Time scroller for PNG graphs
  • Social UI merged into platform proper; the switch between dashboard and social UIs is now seamless.
  • Resolved defect related to text area sizing in Chrome.
  • Users can now post to and get messages back from Twitter.
  • Chat window has been reworked to split users and communities into separate tabs.
  • Chat text area now auto-expands as you type.
  • Dashboard view tabs and subtabs css and html improved.
  • Widgets now generate properly caught and forwarded errors, ensuring that widget authors, community admins and Sabisu support can pick up errors earlier.
  • Various SQL efficiency improvements have been made to ensure continued scalability and responsiveness.
  • HTML can no longer be encoded in chat. 
  • Tidied user profile screen
  • Fixed defect preventing reliable community joining.
Next release (‘Paris’) should be around 15.08.11.

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