Revision #2483 (‘Paris’) available

Revision 2483 Release Notes

Communities/Social view
  • Added filter for communities in communities view
  • Added filter facility for My Summary timeline
  • Users can now post to Twitter
  • Users can now search for communities to join from the Social UI
  • User profile pictures are larger
  • Social feed CSS improvements
  • User status update improvements
  • Fully integrated chat into the community view
Community administration
  • Users can now restore an archived community
  • Users can now edit tags for a community
  • Note to user to explain separator for tags
  • User profile now split into more easily managed sections
  • Fixed defect when sending a long message with a recommendation
  • Fixed intermittent registration defect which prevented a user from registering their company
  • Platform notifications have been updated
  • Subtab representation has been improved
  • System now recognises when a user you are chatting with has gone offline and will let you know
  • Fewer parameters appear on the URL string
  • Chat window now shows how many messages you have missed
  • If you change your profile picture part way through a chat, the profile pic will now change in the chat window straight away
As per usual processes, the cloud servers have updated the on-premise servers automatically so this revision is also available on all on-premise servers as of now.

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