Revision #2495 (‘Agenor’)

Another jam packed week here at Sabisu, with the focus being on enhancing the Widget Editor, OPCUA integration and further enhancements to Poiltry demo pages.

Widget Editor:

The new look widget editor is easier to use than ever, with a major UI overhaul,  the process of creating widgets has been made both simpler and faster for the end-user.

  • Versioning of widgets has been reintroduced in the Widget Editor, allowing you to ‘Rollback’ the configuration of your widgets to set save points.
  • Adding subcomponents to a widget in the widget editor has been made more intutive with the new and improved drag and drop system, this may take a little bit of getting used to but is a much simpler motion in the long run, simply drag with the mouse button down on the desired component and release over the drop zone.

Other Changes:

  • The Poiltry Capital Projects pages have been improved to provide additional sample material.
  • Adding Widgets from Notifications now works as intended, the widget is added to the users desired page.
  • Trend graphs are now fully operational again.
  • Widget actions are now working as intended.
  • OPC UA connectivity has been introduced into the platform, introducing the possibility of connecting to OPC data sources through the platform.
  • The chat alert sound has returned to the platform, the sound is played each time you receive a message in chat.
  • finding colleagues using the hub has been simplified, the new filter allows the user  to exclude offline users from their members list in the top right of the hub.
  • Pages can once again be deleted and shared from the sidebar, check out the new icons next to the name of the page.

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