Revision #2515 (‘Sarpedon’)

This weeks release ‘Sarpendon’ has a host of refinements to the platform, keeping you better informed about what’s occurring on the platform and to make the introduction process to new users as straighforward and interactive as possible.

Major Update:

A new ‘Page Information’ option has been added to the page actions menu.

  • In a community page, you can use this option to find out how many other people have the same page, the creation date of the current page version and links to contact the admins of the selected page.
  • For single-user pages, the creation date of the current version is available using the same process.

Sabisu help community.

We’ve added a new community called Sabisu Help that new users will automatically get upon signing up to Sabisu. The new community will include, help videos to make the introduction process to Sabisu more seamless than ever. These videos include:

  • Overview of the Widget Menu
  • Building Dashboards
  • Chatting in the platform
  • Building Community Pages

Minor Updates:

  • An issue with Key presses within textboxes in the platform using the Firefox browser has been resolved, you should now be able to enter text into dialog menus without any problems.
  • The ‘New Tab’ menu now dismisses itself correctly, there had previously been an issue where the menu would remain in the window when the tab name was set to ‘New Tab’
  • Our email notification system has been improved to make interaction with the hub more informative and interactive. You will now receive a direct link to the reply to your message or the message you were tagged in, you can now review these notifications using this 1-step process.

As always if you have any questions about the new updates and features. Feel free to get in touch.

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