Revision #2622 (‘Priam’) Available

Revision #2622 (‘Priam’) Release Notes

File Manager

  • File manager no longer opens a pop-up window when opening a file, now just directly gives the user an option to download or view.
  • Upload file dialog is now a bit less cluttered and doesn’t bust the bounds of the page.

Widget Editor

  • Complete UI rework to get it consistent with the rest of the platform.
  • Additional security around allowing user access to create widgets – user must be approved by Sabisu team. (This is a temporary measure so we can maintain the integrity of the platform; the future for the platform is open.)
  • Users can no longer save a widget with an empty category.
  • Opens in “New Widget” mode rather than preselecting the last you worked on (saves confusion).
  • Bug fixes relating to repositioning sub components.
  • Can copy widgets.
  • Tags now save and reload correctly.


  • When you register a company whose name happens to be the same as that of an existing top level community, a duplicate community name is no longer created. Instead the name is suffixed with random (but unique) number.
  • If a user goes off line mid chat conversation, a user off-line message now comes back from Sabisu.
  • Corporate users configured for external access can now switch off that external access.


  • Shortcuts now have their own space on the footer bar though they can still be created from the Create menu.
  • When you join a community, you now get some more information in the notification and you can go directly to that community page in the Community View.
  • The Community View (social UI) has had a number of presentation fixes.


  • On-premise is now fully 64-bit OS compatible. This was particularly challenging given that various vendors only offer 32-bit drivers (e.g., Aspentech) – we’ve engineered it so they run in a container on the Windows 2008 R2 x64 architecture.
  • The Excel plug-in for deploying spreadsheets direct to the on-premise server is now Office 2010 x64/x86 compatible. It’s still Windows only though (no Mac).
  • JSON parsing has been improved, giving a much better response time.

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