Revision #2679 (‘Euphorbus’)

The latest release ‘Euphorbus’ resolves a number of minor issues and introduces a few refinements to improve the look and feel of the Widget Editor – which we’re in the process of rebranding ‘Builder’.

Minor changes:

  • An issue regarding shared widgets malfunctioning when their original copy is deleted has been resolved; this dependency has been removed and all should behave correctly.
  • Selecting ‘Find A Community’ from the footer bar now behaves correctly; the user is presented with a menu in which they can select their desired community.
  • An issue regarding tabs in Firefox has been resolved; the user can now create a new tab and hit Enter to confirm their choice whereas previously this action would have thrown a platform error under certain circumstances.
  • The Button sub-component for widgets now reacts instantly in all circumstances, whereas under certain circumstances previously a click could remain unregistered until the widget was manually refreshed.
  • An issue regarding error reporting in Widgets that use the the Image sub-component has been fixed; the error reporting system was reporting false errors when the image was sourced from a premise.
  • When opening a shortcut to a web page a new browser tab will open and the user is now asked to confirm whether or not they wish to navigate to the desired web page.
  • The Builder (Widget Editor) has undergone some minor improvements with all dialog menus encountered when editing Widgets restyled to be consistent with the rest of the platform.
  • Preconfigured sub-components have been fully introduced to the Builder (Widget Editor) so users can now access saved sub-components from the left hand side menu in the Widget Editor. They function in the same way as base sub-components but are already set up and ready to use, saving time and meaning it’s not necessary to ‘re-invent the wheel’.
  • A defect where dialogs for tag searching in the footer bar were duplicating each time the user clicked the magnifying glass icon has been resolved.
  • The yellow unread message indicator in the footer bar was remaining after all messages had been read. This is no longer the case and the message indicator will return to its original its original colour when there are no messages to read.
  • The upload button in FileManager was displaying in the wrong colour using Firefox; the button should now have a black background and match all other browsers.

As always if you have any questions about the new updates and features. Feel free to get in touch.

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