Revision #2702 (‘Hecuba’) available

Revision #2702 (‘Hecuba’) now available¬†

General platform changes

  • New chat messages now alert the user with a sound.
  • Improved UI for chat windows, cleaned up tag searching to be more intuitive.
  • Added a new live support mechanism to initiate chat with one of our support team (accessed through the profile drop-down in the header).
  • On joining a new community, the notification which pops up now lets to navigate directly to that community’s social feed.
  • Facebook linking now reliably indicates success when you have successfully mapped your account.
  • CSS cleanup, fixed some minor UI bugs.

File Manager

  • Users can now initiate chat about a file.
  • Bug fixes.

Widget Editor

  • Many defects resolved around dragging and dropping, saving.
  • Default communities to either your premise default (if there is one and you are an author for it) or the communities you are an author for.
  • Community selection is now list of checkboxes – much easier to use.
  • Various UI tweaks have been made, e.g., application field is now an autocomplete, indents in subcomponents.
  • Now available directly through the platform (the ‘hammer’ icon on the header).

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