Revision #2935 (“Pandarus”) available

A relatively minor release this week.

Users will now show in the Hub and in Chat as either ‘online’ or, if they’ve been inactive for a few minutes, ‘away’.

When a widget is shared, the notification now has two options; ‘Add to current page’ and a new option ‘Add to new page’. When ‘Add to new page’ is selected, a new page will be created and the widget added.

We now have Action Tracker and Meeting Minutes widgets available throughout the platform. They’ve been added to some of the demo pages and are generally available for anyone to use.

A number of minor changes have been made to improve the Widget Editor:

  • Usability of the Query Editor.
  • Values from data repeater subcomponents can now be fed into textbox subcomponents.
  • Minor issues around writing data from widgets to back-end datasources have been resolved.

The Share dialog has been tidied up so as to be easier to use.

Hovercards now show the full hierarchy for a community so it’s easier to see the context within which you’re working:

Sabisu - Community Page - hovercard

Forum posts are now referenced in the Hub along with the community for the post, rather than the community operating the database.

In the Hub, the Edit Community, Generate Key Invite and Manage Members options are now only available to administrator users for communities. Previously they would show but be non-functional.

An intermittent error where publishing a revised community page could cause the tab quick find function to become non-functional has been resolved.

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