Revision #3047 (“Artemis”) available

We’ve been even more focused on platform usability this week, enhancing the user experience and help available within the platform.

Help Features

We believe that you should be able to use Sabisu without any training and we’re always looking to make the platform so intuitive that users find what they need easily. However, a bit of help is always useful so we’re continually creating new Help content .

Here are the new videos we’ve added:

Of course if you need immediate help, just start a chat with one of our team (click on your name top right, then Sabisu Live Help).

We’ve also added some other features to help you along:
  • New error page for when something goes wrong
  • Access to revision notes from the right hand side of the footer in Sabisu. Just click the revision number next to the Sabisu icon:
Sabisu footer - release notes




  • When creating a new tab Sabisu now prompts you with some  helper text to send you to the widget store to add widgets to your page.
Sabisu - new tab help message
  • Fixed an issue with tab navigation disappearing under certain, very occasional situations.
  • Fixed an issue where tabs with labels reaching over 700px caused the navigation arrows to disappear.
  • When someone “likes” a post, the original poster will now get a notification.
  • Fixed an intermittent error where some notifications were being accepted when a user actually declined them.
  • Community members are now notified through the Hub if a new shortcut is created for them.
Other Changes
  • When someone shares a page/widget with you, a notification now appears in the Hub. You’re also able to re-share that page/widget with others directly from the Hub.
Sabisu - Share a page or widget
  • Made some adjustments to the Wait Handler to ensure when a user is idle they still receive notifications, chat messages, push updates etc.
  • Fixed an issue where the arrow on a hover card pointed the wrong way.
  • A set of Sabisu themes are available from the profile settings.
  • A number of minor bug fixes to widgets.
  • Fixed some browser compatibility issues with Firefox regarding widget menus and the widget expando block.


The Builder is where you (or your developers) go to create all the components that live on your pages. We’ve added a number of features and also fixed some minor bugs.

When you select a server type from the drop down list, the server and database fields now reflect the type of data source you have chosen e.g.

  • Sql – > Server / Database
  • IP21 – > Server /Port
  • Access – > File Location/ Windows Security/ Username/ Passwords

Other enhancements to the Builder:

  • Improved integration with OLEDB drivers.
  • New splash screen featuring Most Recent widgets, i.e., those worked on most recently.
  • Better ordering of sub-component fields.
  • Legacy widgets now need to have approver by default.
That’s it for this week. Feel free to contact us if you need help – or if you’re reading this and don’t yet have Sabisu, try our online demo environment using the following link:

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