Revision #3080 (“Hades”) available

No major updates this week though there are a few interesting changes below…

The new web site home page is live – it fits our values of clarity and simplicity, so we like it a lot. Also we have a couple of new videos for you on our YouTube channel;


The Hub continues to be a focus:

  • When another user ‘likes’ your post in the Hub you’re now notified in the platform.
  • We’ve added hovercards to the community list in the Hub so users can see community details easily.
  • Joining a new community from the Hub automatically adds the community pages to the Workplace view so they’re there, ready for you when you switch views.
  • Generate Key Invite now allows spaces in the list of users to invite, so it’s not quite so easy to get caught out.
  • Users can now respond to a new community member notification using the ‘click here’ link; it was previously linking to community details.
  • All top-level public communities will now be approved by platform administrators. This is a necessary evil whilst the platform is in its early stages and reassures our corporate clients that we’re exercising good governance.
  • Resolved an issue where notifications occasionally used the old version of a user’s name.
  • It’s now possible to retrospectively rename a community if you’re the admin. Simply navigate to the community in the Hub, click the cog and select ‘Edit Community’.

We continue to work on the Builder user experience:

  • Widget Feedback now goes straight into the Builder so that widget developers have the feedback immediately to hand, like so:
                 Sabisu widget feedback in Builder (Widget Editor)

  • A minor issue relating to font sizing in the elastic textareas in Builder has been resolved.
  • The Builder has now been changed so that the ‘Save’ button remains active, deactivating only when saving. Previous behaviour was that the button would disable under a variety of circumstances but this was felt to be over-engineered somewhat – there’s no need to monitor the state of the document in the browser.
  • The message presented to the user when they have no Builder access has been revised to be more explanatory.
  • The Builder now allows you to set an inline style to a button independently of a parent table.
  • In Builder, the drop down list sub-component is now easier to set up, with fewer mandatory parameters.

Less on the Workplace view this week:

  • Resolved an intermittent issue where users would get an old version of a sub-tab.
  • Cleared up an issue where an error is reported inelegantly when a table subcomponent returns no rows but a row limit is set.
  • The ‘Send widget link’ (accessed from the widget cog menu) has been revised as the message sent to the target user wasn’t easy to interpret.


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