Revision #3119 (“Ares”) available

Another busy week with changes made to most user facing areas of the platform as detailed below.

We’ve also introduced new help pages for end-users and developers, as well as a couple of new videos on our YouTube channel:

  • Start a Community Chat (video)
  • Create a new Community (video)

Helping our users continues to be a focus for us and we’ll be adding to these new pages in the coming weeks and months.


  • If you’re in the Hub and new things happen in your communities you’ll now get ‘unread’ marks against each community. As the Hub shows all activities, these will be cleared when you go to the Hub. We’ll be extending this functionality to draw the user’s attention to new items in the future.
  • Following feedback from users we’ve added a button to ‘send’ a message in Chat – but the ‘enter’ key works just as well.
  • When a personal page is made into a Community Page the community is now notified.
  • The mouse-overs in the ‘Create Community’ dialog have been changed to be more explanatory.
  • Resolved an issue where ‘View post’ in a notification didn’t always load the post.
  • Resolved an issue where a ‘.’ before a web address would result in the web address not being made into a link.


  • The Hub icon is now lit when there is activity on the Hub that the user has not yet seen, alerting the user to the fact that they might like to switch over and take a look.
  • Users will notice that we have a new icon on Community Pages allowing users to reset it. This allows users to quickly revert a page if they’ve made changes that are no longer required and should also solve the situation where a page ‘lock’ is required; users can simply revert.
  • The Widget Store not only has a new icon (a cog) which indicates it’s to be used in the future for configuration of the Workplace in general, but also now uses wildcard searching – so any given search string should return a richer set of results.
  • Changes have been made to the UI to make the resizing of widgets more responsive.
  • Last release we introduced some help to direct users to the Widget Store when they have a blank page. This help is now hidden if the page is in the process of loading – something that may have confused users on very slow connections.
  • On slow connections it was possible for the Tab quick-search autocomplete to be delayed, so that if the user clicked rapidly off the search the autocomplete would come up late and dissociated from the icon. This has been rectified.
  • When using the chart sub-component the values for each pie chart section aren’t shown. We’ve enabled this.
  • Until now it’s been possible for users of the Sabisu Client (beta) to clutter the sidebar with lots of publications from MS Office. These are now private by default, decluttering the sidebar but allowing users to share them as appropriate with other users and communities.
  • The chart Sub-component was functioning sub-optimally on Firefox; this has now been resolved.
  • The message displayed when a user deletes a sub-tab has been changed to be slightly more explanatory.
  • Resolved an issue with date-pickers in expando-blocks, where selecting a data loses focus on the textbox, causes it to refresh and dissociates the textbox from the date-picker.


  • We’ve documented all the $ functions that can be used in the Builder in this page.
  • The dialog for Pre-Configured Sub-Components now clears when you go to add a new one.
  • Fixed an issue where styling would not apply directly to that element; this allows individual elements to be appropriately styled.
  • Fixed an issue where using an ExpandoBlock sub-component could throw a SOAP exception leading to an error 500.
  • Fixed an issue where a target being set for a hyperlink can result in a value of ‘get _blank’.

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