Revision #3251 (“Glaukos”) available

General Updates

We continue to revise the Sabisu web site based on customer feedback to better communicate what the platform can do:

  • We’ve revamped the What Is Sabisu page.
  • We’ve also highlighted some of the systems Sabisu has been integrating with this week on the home page.
  • Digital signage? So last month. You need Sabisu TV.

There is now a permanent pointer to ‘View all notifications’ from the Notifications header menu. An easy shortcut when you’ve had a lot of activity on the platform.

As Sabisu grows we’ve had SMEs ask where ‘their’ version is; typically they don’t need the enterprise features that Sabisu has and rely more on cloud-hosted SaaS solutions for CRM, customer contact and financial functions.

Therefore using Sabisu as a platform the team have built an SME analytics focused site over at  SME owner-managers might like to drop by, have a look and let us know if they like what they see.

Sabisu remains focused on our enterprise customers.



An ‘Expressions’ subcomponent has been added which permits widget builders to aggregate data into a temporary variable for use in the widget.

  • Expressions are evaluated server-side for security reasons.
  • Expressions cannot currently be nested.
  • Expressions can be accessed throughout the widget construct using the $ value: $Expr(Name)

We’ve also added the following chart types this week:

  • Stacked Area 100%
  • Stacked Bar 100%
  • Stacked Column 100%

The following properties have also been added to the charts:

  • Legend title property to allow users to change the title of the legend
  • Set the size of the value font
  • Change the font colour of the value text
  • Add a border to the legend
  • Set background colour & style
  • Custom colours for series according to the ‘series from’ option

For the 100% stacked charts that are in for this release the users need to be able to set if they want the value or the percentage as the y axis values.

When specifying a Text List for a datasource type users can now specify a delimiter; default assumption is a semicolon (“;”).

Dynamic setting of SQL query time-out is now available allowing widget builders to deal with a situation where a widget or page is particularly data heavy – and required to be so.

Resolved an issue where deleting a subcomponent can cause Builder to switch the widget to ‘live’.

Resolved an issue which was leading to duplication of widgets in the side bar; when opening from the Most Recent list Sabisu will choose the ‘live’ version of a widget rather than the ‘development’ version, so it’s easy to duplicate.



Where a community invite has been sent to a user, the Notifications feed in the Hub is now updated to show the invite and it’s status. This is really useful for keeping track of large numbers of invites to users:

Sabisu community invites shown in Sabisu Hub



In the event of a large number of data points being requested from an On-Premise server Sabisu will default to a more efficient graphing technique. This further protects the On-Premise from overload.

The Timer widget (formerly known as ‘Stopwatch’) has been well received by customers, so we’ve added a feature to allow you to comment a split time. Users seem to be finding it useful for keeping meetings on track. Here’s how it looks:

Sabisu Timer Widget

We’ve prototyped a new way of highlighting tables for very large datasets which resolves some of the issues with MS Internet Explorer’s memory handling. Hopefully this change will make it to live in a couple of weeks.

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