Revision #3403 (“Phoenix”) available


We’ve been building dashboards for Rinku using the Sabisu Workplace. They’re looking great.

The Stopwatch application has been further improved so that comments against splits are now saved and retrievable.

Resolved various minor and intermittent issues with data connectivity over IPCS (i.e., for external access) with particular types of chart.

Instantiating a chat from a hovercard now retains the context of the hovercard, i.e., if the hovercard is a personal one, the resultant chat will also be personal.


We’ve moved our simple Opportunities application into beta this week. It allows a new Opportunity to be quickly logged and allocated, using Communities and assigned names to control visibility.

Resolved an issue where creating a community from the Workplace footer menu can throw an error.


Control of individual subcomponent visibility has been tightened up; it’s now possible to allow or revoke access to individual subcomponents without fear of it throwing an error. This capability is powerful; users can have a customised experience of each widget depending on their respective communities.

The widget refresh timer can now be reset when a user is typing in a textbox within the widget. This allows the widget to refresh when not in active use or the refresh to be paused automatically so that it doesn’t refresh whilst a user is actively typing into it.

Continuing our work with the new $Expr control users can now

  • Evaluate $Expr expressions as part of a SQL query argument. This allows data to be effectively calculated and passed to the SQL layer.
  • Nest expressions, so that multiple expressions can be executed in sequence.

Charts can now be set with an axis cut-off, e.g., the Y-axis can be set to specific values so as to better show fluctuations between those values.

Scatter charts can now have two Y-axes.

Resolved an issue where moving sub-components around could throw an error.

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