Revision #3606 (“Hephaistos”) available

Fairly limited release this week as we also made some changes to our infrastructure.


Cleared up some bad wording on the Notifications page.


Resolved a problem where the a treeview node might disappear if selected twice.

All charts (except pie and doughnut) can have secondary axes which can have their own minimum and maximum values.

Charts can now have a manually set interval for their axes. They default to automatically setting the interval but manual intervention can sometimes produce better formatted  charts.


Changes have been made to the Textbox subcomponent to tighten up validation. When the Textbox is specified as numeric the platform will now only allow numeric input. Developers can also now specify code that’s instantiated on the most common five keyboard events (key up, key down, key press, focus and blur). More validation can be performed – we’re firming up an API for it.

Query Editor now allows users to format text using tabs without it including the ‘<tab>’ parameter in the saved query.

Resolved an issue where $Calc and $Expr incorrectly remove zeroes after the decimal.

Improved the error handling for web services in the Widget Editor.


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