Revision #352 (‘Penthesilea’) available

Release Notes
  • Widget chat/conversations now show as events in Communities View
  • Widget feedback now sent to Widget Authors and Admins.
  • Posts from deleted users are now controlled.
  • Selecting Community View icon no longer refreshes screen each time.
  • Community View now offers reply functionality for widget chat/conversation updates.
  • Dashboard View tabs are now moveable.
  • Community Join list now has option to show more information about that community.
  • Shortcuts can now be organised into folders.
  • Shortcuts can be renamed.
  • Widget Editor has various minor enhancements and bug fixes.
  • Chat should now be more responsive.
  • Who’s online should now be more accurate.
  • Theming now works correctly.
  • Recommendations now show in the side bar in a timeline view.
  • Create menu now offers ‘Community’ and ‘Widget’ as options.

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