Revision #3666 (“Telamon”) available

A minor release this week following changes to our infrastructure.


Bug Fixes

Resolved a problem with the Treeview component which caused highlighting of a selected node to not work in Firefox.


Textboxes now allow you hook into the keyup, keydown, keypress, focus and blur events to make them more extensible.


Bug Fixes

Resolved an issue with notifications for admins which would not show the name of who had approved/declined a join request for a community.

Widget Editor

Bug Fixes

When opening the Query Editor, the Host is now added to the Host field.

Restricting subcomponents to communities no longer throws an error if the subcomponent is the last one in the widget.

The Map subcomponent now resizes correctly when you load and refresh the widget.


The Speedo subcomponent now has a Value field which means it can now have its value set by other subcomponents and $ functions rather than relying on a query.

A new $ function, $IsEmpty(desiredValue, defaultValue) is now available. Automates the process of having to check for a null value. If the value is null, the default value supplied will be used.

Intellisense has been added to the Widget Editor, just press the $ key when in an input field of a subcomponent to bring up the Intellisense functions. The Intellisense also includes a description of the function, its parameters and return value.

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