Revision #3856 (“Ophion”) available

The focus for this week’s release has been on deploying the Actions feature and strengthening Builder. Changes this week:


Significant changes to the look and feel of Builder this week, with a new navigation bar implemented on the left of the screen containing all the key actions users need to create or edit widgets. All icons in the new side bar have hot-keys which are shown on mouseover.

On opening the Builder users get two options in the side bar. Selecting one opens a larger side bar with all the fields necessary to immediately carry out an action:

  • New Widget – contains the fields required to create a new widget
  • Open Widget – shows recently used widgets, allows filtering to find a particular widget
Once a widget is selected, the side bar contains the following options:
  • Components – shows all the widget subcomponents that can be used, categorised by type.
  • Properties – contains basic settings (e.g., default sizing, visibility) and advanced (e.g., search tags)
  • Security – all the various security settings have been brought into one place and simplified, so it’s easy to control who can see the widget, who can approve sharing of it and who can modify it.
  • Feedback – shows the feedback left by users on this widget. 
We feel the new Builder represents a step-change in usability and productivity.
There is now a new subcomponent available: Excel Exports, which allows users to export the contents of the widget to Excel.

Resolved an issue where saving a widget with incomplete fields caused a validation error which required a refresh for the user to clear before completing saving of the widget.

When updating the security properties the widget will now auto-save. The save button is now enabled at all times.

The ‘write back’ property for SQL queries can now be multi-line.

Resolved an issue where it was possible to maximise a widget, then move it underneath the header bar making it difficult to restore to its original size.
Null values in line charts are now no longer presented as zero values, preserving the trend of the line where no data was available.
The ‘Opportunities’ application continues to be revised and is generally available. Not only is it a good demonstration of the API in action but it’s a great way to track opportunities without the overhead of a CRM application.

General Platform

Adding a feature into the fabric of the platform is always done with a great deal of thought and with the Actions feature we’re meeting a need users have to turn the insights they develop and decisions they make through using Sabisu into assignable, collaborative, audited actions.

Actions are fully exposed in the Genba API so as to allow tasks from other systems to be inserted directly into Sabisu, or Sabisu Actions to be manipulated from elsewhere. In this manner it’s possible for Sabisu to be central to your business processes, or simply in ensuring decisions are actioned.

We’ve tightened up when the ‘Logout’ option is shown under the User Profile. It’s irrelevant to AD users inside the corporate network and those users who do not have a Windows Integrated Authentication environment, so it will now not show for those users.

And Finally…

We’re seeing significant take up of Sabisu in all the following areas:

  • Cloud storage & collaboration – users who just want an easy to use, inexpensive way to share and work on data together.
  • Sabisu Mobile, currently in beta and allowing early adopters decision-making capability using real-time data anywhere, on any device.
  • Sabisu Client, which provides a thicker client
  • Sabisu Appliance
We’re also seeing significant interest in:
  • Genba, including the Sabisu API.
  • CapitalEyes, our capital projects management solution.


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