Revision #3975 (“Atlas”) available

This week we’ve been further refining the Builder including adding some useful documentation for developers. Changes this week:


Quick Build – A significant step forward for the Builder this week with the introduction of Quick Build; a simple way for people to rapidly build some of the most popular widgets in Sabisu like speedos, pie charts and line graphs. When creating a new widget, people will now get the option to select “Create Quick” which will present them with the following interface.

Sabisu - Quick Build Widgets

Dollar Functions

The $Now() function, used for pushing the .NET datestamp into other databases, has been updated to perform better with database engines such as MySQL.

The $FormatDate function has been added to allow you to set the format of the date you want to see.

The $DatePart function has been added to allow you to display only part of a date/time e.g. just the year.

A list of all the dollar functions can be found here.

Builder Documentation – A useful resource full of subcomponent documentation is now available here.

General Platform

Fixed an issue where new pages that’d been shared with you required a browser refresh before they appeared in your workplace.

And Finally…

We’re working on a major refresh of the Builder’s user interface to make it even easier for you to build the things you need. Watch this space…

If you’re interested in learning more about the Sabisu API and development framework, check out Genba.

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