Revision #4202 (“Melinoe”) available

Several changes this week around the Hub and Builder. Enjoy!


Added the ability for individual users to mark their work in an action as complete. An email will be sent to the reporter and to all other assigned users who have not marked their action as complete.

Added names to profile pictures for ‘assigned’ and ‘visible to’ users and communities to make it clearer who these profiles belong to.

Fixed a bug which caused the filter not to work on the main feed.

A reporter is now able to click on dynamic content in an action to open the Edit Action dialog, the dynamic content areas include Reporter, Summary, Description, Due Date, Priority and Impact.

Added priority, impact numbers and number of days overdue to the Actions feed so it is easier to see the importance of each action.

Added emails to actions. Emails are now sent when an action is created, when a user marks an action as complete and when a new user is assigned to an action.


There is a new Sabisu Builder function called $IsCommunityMember. It takes in a single parameter which is the string of a Community path e.g. “A&W\Browser Compatibility”. The function will return “true” if the currently logged on user is in the community path specified. “false” will be returned if they are not in the community path specified. Widget Builders can use this function to build layouts that are dynamic and customised to the membership for a particular user.

The tree-view sub component has been re-worked to become more interactive. The Builder subcomponent options section for the tree-view now contains a new section of configuration labelled “Interactive”. In this section the “Add Nodes”, “Edit Nodes”, “Remove Nodes” are text fields where you can use Sabisu expressions (e.g. $IsCommunityMember) or true/false strings (e.g. “true”/”false”) to turn on/off certain interactions with the tree-view.

A few notes on the Writeback fields:

  •  The “Add Nodes Writeback”, “Edit Nodes Writeback” and “Remove Nodes Writeback” are fields where you can execute queries against the data source the tree-view was built from, to save interactions from the user.
  • For Add/Edit Writeback’s the $WritebackValue is the text of the node.
  • For the Add Nodes Writeback procedure  $WritebackParameter(1) is the parent tree node ID the new node was inserted under (“null” if this is a root node).
  • For Edit Node Writeback procedures the $WritebackParameter(1) is the parent tree node ID and $WritebackParameter(2) is the ID of the node that has been edited.
  •  For Remove Node Writeback procedures $WritebackValue is the ID of the node to be deleted.

The new tree-view is backwards compatible with any queries used for the previous tree-view provided the queries provide the fields: ID, ParentID, Name.

API users:
Small change this week to allow ‘&’ to come through in IE8.

On-Premise Administration

Event Viewer:
In the On-Premise Administration Console there is a new menu item for “Event Viewer”, which allows you to see the most recent entries into the premise event table (collection of both widget errors and performance information) by a provided filter.


Our timesheets system Chronos now has the ability to include a Project field into any task. Additionally, other people can now be invited to join your task. As an added bonus, Firefox now displays Chronos properly.

Chronos is available for anyone to use – at the moment we have to engage via email so we can set you up ( but we’ll be making it much easier soon.


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