Revision #4290 (“Tethys”) available

Great week here at Sabisu as we’ve been able to move the UX for some key areas forwards. More to come next week!


We’ve been focusing on making Actions easier to use, including:

  • Improved form behaviour on various components, including adding auto-focus for certain elements.
  • Create New Action now properly clears when re-entering the dialog.
  • Closing an Action now returns you to the main page.
  • Filtering and Category grouping is now persisted when moving between pages.
  • Actions can now be created with a due date in the past.
  • Some fixes to filters have been made which were causing incorrect Actions to be displayed.
  • The main Actions feed now shows a visible ‘Due in’ if there’s one set, and Impact and Priority if they are set.


When a user edits a Community Page, Sabisu will now inform another Administrator who tries to do the same thing – effectively, the Community Page is locked out for editing by the first user. The second user is given the name of the editor who has the page locked to make it easy to contact them.

Sabisu now remembers if you maximise a widget, so that the widget state will persist between sessions.

Fixed a defect which caused an error to be thrown in IE when a user opened the Page & Widget Shares sidebar and they had no recommendations.

Fixed a bug which caused Sub-Tabs to not be shared with their parent Tab.

General Platform

Fixed a bug which caused non-Active Directory On-Premise users to get stuck in a loop when logging out of the platform.

The ‘Community’ button has now been removed from the footer bar as was planned some time ago. All the Community features required are now accessible in the  Hub.

Fixed a defect which caused other users to be told a user has come online when that user leaves a shared Community.

On-Premise Administrators now have access to Query Templates, a new section in the On-Premise Administration tool that allows On-Premise Administrators to create, edit or delete query templates through the Sabisu web front end.


Fixed a defect in Builder that prevented the user from saving a Widget if a Component was restricted to a Community path that contained certain characters.

 The $WidgetWidth and $WidgetHeight functions have been amended to take account of whether or not the Widget is maximised, so that Components that are sized relative to the Widget will still size correctly if the widget is maximised.

When you have a restricted child Component in an Expandoblock and the user is not allowed to see the Component, the Expandoblock will no longer hide the next Component in the list by mistake.

The Treeview Component has been updated so that the currently selected node is retained on Widget refresh. When you click to select a tree node and refresh the page or Widget the tree view will remember the node you had selected and automatically expand it’s parents if required.

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