Revision #4386 (“Tartarus”) available

Several changes to the platform this week in response to user feedback, strengthening both On-Premise Administration and Builder functionality and ease of use.


Resolved an intermittent defect in Live Help where the originator isn’t added to the session, so the conversation can’t be two way.

We’ve added a new, more user-friendly interface to the On-Premise Administration tool for adding data connectors. Users are no longer required to enter connection strings and the Administrator can now test connectivity. Security details are also obfuscated unless selected for editing.

Where approval is required for sharing a Widget on a Page, the name of the Widget is now referenced in the notification instead of the Page.


A new $ function has been added that provides a boolean return value indicating if the current Widget is in development mode. This is useful for choosing data connectors dynamically when moving a wWidget from development to production.

When configuring a Speedo Component within a Widget all values can now be dynamic, including limits. For instance, you can type in the string name of a column from the data query to use as a certain value in the speedo e.g. Query = SELECT Value, MaxLimit FROM Table. In the widget the Max field can be set to “MaxLimit” instead of a static number.

Widgets created in Quick Mode can now be switched to the usual Builder mode (or “Advanced”) so that those editing the Widget have full access to all creation and editing capabilities.


We have this week implemented a Widget ‘kill switch’ which allows the Sabisu Support team to disable an errant widget instantly.

Resolved an intermittent error with ‘simple’, i.e., non-Javascript, charts where they would not display in certain circumstances.

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