Revision #4470 (“Pandora”)

With a significant chunk of the team out with customers last week, this week’s release is lean in every sense. However what’s there is, we think, pretty useful.

Event Booker Beta

A couple of our customers have indicated a need for a simple event booking system. We were hearing that existing calendar systems such as Outlook aren’t functionally optimised for creating, publicising and taking bookings for events – too often the administration of such events was a manual task.

Therefore we’ve built a simple application using the Sabisu platform components and APIs. After users in an administration Community have configured rooms and events, other Communities can be invited to book their places and the application will send the invites and track who’s accepted. Events can be made private, or public only within certain Communities.

Sabisu Event Booker - Calendar

Sabisu Event Booker - Calendar

Sabisu Event Booker - Event Details

Sabisu Event Booker - Event Details

Of course, this is Sabisu, so by inviting certain Communities you can effectively publicise and invite users throughout your extended network, including customers, partners and suppliers along with colleagues.


Significant improvements have been made to the validation in the Builder. Each time a Widget is loaded or saved in Builder the content is checked and the user is given an early indication of possible configuration errors, along with tips for correcting them.

An issue has been resolved where when trying to connect to SQLite the platform would claim under certain circumstances that the database could not be found.


When two or more related widgets are added to a page the Widgets will now interact with each other using inter-Widget communication straight away without requiring a browser refresh.

When you press the enter key within a manual input field in Mozilla Firefox it should no longer display a red banner saying “You need to enter a message”.


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