Revision #4506 (“Abraxas”)

Various improvements made this week, mainly to improve the platform’s Builder function but with some minor usability improvements made to Workplace behaviour too.


Saving a Widget which contains Components that don’t go to a data-source for information will no longer throw a JavaScript error in Internet Explorer. However validation on the data section of Components that do go to a data-source is unchanged. This eliminates spurious errors where a Widget is under construction.

If the last Component in a Widget is restricted to a certain Community and the current user is not in that Community, Internet Explorer will no longer throw a JavaScript error message when trying to load the Widget.

The Restrict To Communities field of any Component in the Builder will now accept Sabisu commands, e.g., $Expr(), $Calc, etc. This means that a Widget Author can build up dynamic restrictions for a Widget.  This proves useful if you are working with the same widget for multiple purposes, e.g., a user’s dashboard and a communal TV dashboard.

If the user adds a chart Component attributes that are not relevant to the selected chart type will no longer show; the attribute list will change dynamically depending on the selected chart type. This is to reduce any confusion caused by showing options that may not be relevant.


The tag list on the Sabisu chart Component will no longer show the width of the line for tag. Statistics show that this was rarely use, so it was deemed surplus to requirements.

On clicking a button in a Widget, if the Widget Author did not specify any feedback settings the user will no longer see an empty red or green feedback banner.

The checkbox Widget Component now correctly causes the Widget to refresh when its value is toggled if the Widget Author sets the checkbox to cause a refresh. This addresses an issue where it did not work in Internet Explorer version prior to 9.


The chat tag search feature now works from all three tabs in the Chat menu.

The Event Booking application has had a few design changes and bug fixes, and now allows the following parameters to be placed on the URL querystring – ideal for easy filtering of content for different displays such as Sabisu TVs:

  • Filtering of the calendar view by Title, Agenda, Category, Tags, Start, End, Room and Status, e.g., (/EventBooker/?I=$MyPublicGuid()&V=$MyToken&Category=Training)
  • Flag to prevent any write operations being made to the application; “readonly=true”
  • Set the month, agendaWeek and agendaDay to control what view the calendar is in with the “calendarview” parameter.



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