Revision #4776 (“Calliope”)

As Christmas approaches, the Sabisu elves have been working extra hard on a few special gifts for all our users.


A number of minor improvements have been made to the builder this week. It’s now possible to set default values for text boxes, drop down lists and check boxes in the Builder.

When cloning Read-Only widgets, the security settings are no longer copied, just the widget construct.

A bug has been fixed in the Builder that previously caused the Builder to run slowly when applying or removing attribute filters.

When a user you know logs in, a hover card appears to let you know. This no longer shows when in Builder view, as it was considered to be an unnecessary distraction in that view.

The Builder now filters fields on any subcomponent depending on the values selected. (For example, Charts now remove many fields if Trend is selected)


Chronos has seen a number of improvement in this release. You can invite other people to be part of a shared task.

An issue where the duration of a task wasn’t displaying correctly after being updated has now been fixed. Chronos now associates recent tasks with their relative projects.

Finally, the Chronos History tab now highlights the current task being hovered over and updates in the background.


The time-scroller has been overhauled to make it cross browser compliant and ensured the display corresponds to the selected date and time.

And last but not least an issue has been fixed which intermittently caused textboxes to not allow you to submit using the enter key.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us or drop us a message on the Hub.

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