Revision #4905 (“Eudora”)

Happy New Year everyone.

We’re always trying to make Sabisu faster and easier to use, so today we’re introducing the first part of a completely redesigned user experience which does just that.

With the latest update, you’ll get a totally new look and feel to the Workplace, plus a bunch of improvements to the Excel Publisher plug-in and Chronos.

Introducing the new V-Bar in Sabisu

This release sees the addition of the new V-Bar. All the features from the old footer bar have been added to the new V-Bar. The V-Bar will become a consistent feature throughout Sabisu with certain features like Chat, Share and Create always being available. Other features will be available only when you need them. For example, in the Workplace, the Widget Store and related features will be available. However in the Hub and Builder, there will be different features.

New Sabisu User Interface

It’s now even easier to find what you need in the V-Bar. Each item has a label which displays when you hover over the icon so you know exactly what to click on.

V-Bar Labels

It’s good to share

In keeping with making things easier, the Share feature has been moved from the header to the V-Bar and will be consistently located across all areas of the platform. Simply click the icon, type a message and share to your communities. All messages will also be posted directly to your feed in the Hub.

Sabisu Share Feature

Tabs & Icons

Tabs and icons have received a facelift making them easier to navigate but they’ll behave in the same way you know and love.

Sabisu Tabs & Icons


With the V-Bar, it’s now even quicker to start a chat from anywhere in Sabisu. And for those of you that love to keep your conversations open, we’ve added the ability to minimise each chat window so you can jump right back to work without losing your conversation. Chats appear bottom right on your screen and stack to the left, so as much of the screen real estate is kept intact as possible.

Sabisu Chat

Let’s look at the changes you’ll see elsewhere in the platform.


Chronos is a great app for tracking the time you spend on tasks and we’ve made it even better. Shared tasks now show everyone else who worked on a task, regardless of the way the person was added. The project selection is now a drop down list saving you from typing the project each time you add a new task. Finally, the task Community is now stored against a recent task for Chronos

Excel Publisher plug-in

The Excel Publisher is a really popular feature in Sabisu. People love how easy it is to upload information from a spreadsheet, build a dashboard and share it with their team.  We’ve focussed on making the experience of uploading widgets from Excel to Sabisu even easier. We also fixed an issue with the visibility option which wouldn’t let a widget be seen by others in the Store.  We’ll continue to make improvements over the coming weeks.


Finally a few additional fixes and updates.

  • We fixed an issue when removing a widget from a community page which meant the action had to be repeated twice.
  • Fixed an issue with trend charts which meant zoom was automatically triggered when clicking on any part of the graph.
  • Made Widget Identifier available in the Builder to allow easier integration of the platform with external applications.

You can get started on Sabisu right now by Signing Up. We’re excited to hear what you think!


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