Introducing a completely redesigned Hub. The all-new V-Bar. And Custom Streams. (v5065)

We’re continuing to update Sabisu with an entirely new look and feel.

And today we’re introducing a completely redesigned Hub. The all-new V-Bar. And Custom Streams.

Everything you love about Sabisu just got better. And easier.

All-New Hub

The all-new Hub has been completely re-imagined from the ground up. It’s now even easier to stay up to date or catch up when you’ve been away.

Check out the video.



Creating an all-new Hub means adding the all-new V-Bar. The V-Bar is designed to make things easier. You’ll get the right features at the right time.

Your streams, actions, messages, notifications and admin tasks are at the tip of your fingers.

Sabisu V-Bar

And as always, options like create, shortcuts and chat are just a click away at the foot of the V-Bar.

Custom Streams

Sabisu customers tell us the reason they’re frustrated with social media is all the noise. We thought wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy way to filter your stream to just show the important stuff. That’s why we’ve introduced an all-new feature called custom streams.

Custom streams make filtering as easy as adding a new column to your spreadsheet. So if you’re interested in, say, energy management, simply pin a new Custom Stream and you’ll see information from that Community only.


Sabisu Custom Streams

Pin as many streams as you like.

Stream Info Pane

Managing your Communities is now even easier.

In the entirely new Stream Info Pane on the right hand side, you’ll find everything you need to quickly create Communities, make changes and invite new people. You’ll also be able to quickly access files related to that Community.

Sabisu Hub Stream Info Pane

The Stream Info Pane updates with the stream you have selected so you’ll always see the right information.


  • We’ve made some improvements to load on demand in streams, notifications and messages making it faster.
  • We’ve improved image referencing for auto-complete in the Builder.
  • The Premise Administration Console now picks up the “use Windows Authentication” radio button correctly. Previously it would continue to default to use Data Source Authentication when the Windows Authentication flag was checked.
  • We’ve made some improvements that speed up the loading time of Widgets.
  • The Server Type “Microsoft SQL Server” now supports connections to Microsoft SQL Server Express edition. E.g. set the server field to be: <Some Server>\SQLExpress where the server has the Express edition installed.
  • A bug has been fixed which caused people to be redirected to the login screen if a certain error in a Widget occurred.
  • We’ve fixed a bug with quick Widgets where query templates weren’t loading when a data connector was selected.
  • Fixed a bug with auto-complete icons not loading in the Builder.

We’re excited to share the all-new Hub with you and hope you’ll enjoy the new design as much as we do.

You can get started on Sabisu right now by Signing Up. We’re excited to hear what you think!


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