Revision #662 (‘Achilles’) available

New key features:

Notifications have now been moved to the header bar. They were working well as individual pop-ups at the bottom right but it was possible to overload the screen with lots of notification activity. We feel moving the notifications to the header deals with this better; the user’s workspace integrity is retained and we now have a dedicated area in which to explore notifications further in the future.

We’ve also renewed the Hub’s UI (née Communities View) in response to beta tester feedback. We feel it’s much cleaner and is now ready for the improvements we have planned.

Other modifications:

  • Notifications (recommendations, invitations etc) will no longer be deleted, allowing Sabisu to hold a history of all such notifications for each user.
  • The message sent to a user when a chat recipient is offline has been changed along with the online/offline notification mechanism.
  • It is now possible to set widget visibility in bulk, i.e., hide many widgets from the side bar in one operation.
  • Communities are no longer allowed to have names containing certain non-OS compatible characters.
  • Where a widget errors there is now a direct link to the Widget Feedback mechanism.

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