Revision #570 (‘Agamemnon’) available

New key features:

Users can now provide feedback on a widget directly to the authors and Sabisu development team thanks to a new widget slide out menu option.

We’ve introduced Sabisu Enterprise XML. This allows us to encode links to objects in the platform, e.g., when embedding a link to a widget in chat.

We’ve also renamed the ‘Community View’ as the ‘Hub’. It’s more than just an enterprise social hub…it’s the hub of your day to day working life. It’s beta and will remain so for a little while yet.

Other modifications in this release:

Resolved intermittent error with Widget Editor not saving some chart specific fields

Resolved issue with File Manager displaying error code when opening file under certain circumstances.

When user goes offline, the Chat\People window is now updated reliably.

Resolved issue with Widget Editor saving but not reloading Visible or ShownByDefault fields.

Resolved intermittent issue with creating shortcuts.

Chart component now works with SQL (and other types) as well as MES (Aspentech, Honeywell etc).

Widget chat is now easier to initiate and more user friendly.

Theme selection has been moved into the User Profile.

It is no longer possible to create a community without actively choosing the privacy scope.

The checkbox for ‘Add only to this community’ has been reversed as it was un-intuitive (users kept selecting it for the reverse operation). We’ve added some help text too.

The ‘helper’ image pointing to the dashboard view side bar has been removed – it was unreliable and wasn’t necessary.

The logout option is now hidden from users within a corporate network

Graphics are now served from the on-premise as a matter of preference.

Registration – company details modified as an interim measure before introducing new registration procedure

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