Revision #725 (‘Helen’) available

New Key Features

Editing a community page is much easier now; as soon as you start to move items around you get simple options at the top right of the workspace to guide you through editing.

All recommendations made can now be found in a handy timeline view in the widget side bar under ‘Recommended’. Only recommendations from this point forward will appear in this view.

Other Modifications

  • Connecting to web services in the Widget Editor has been made easier.
  • When creating a widget, the user’s On-Premise server is defaulted to automatically and users with multiple On-Premise servers are handled properly.
  • An issue with the Widget Editor occasionally deleting the wrong sub-component has been resolved.
  • Shortcut folders now have an icon and improved look and feel. Shortcut renaming and adding has also been improved, and issues around folder management and duplication of shortcuts have been resolved.
  • On-Premise connectivity has been revised and improved, including error logging.
  • Administrative notifications can now be inserted into the new notifications header implemented recently.
  • Image loading for Chat has been optimised and is more responsive.



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