Revision #825 (‘Menelaus’)

Major changes:

External applications can now authenticate and interact with the Sabisu platform. This is a first step towards an open, published API. We’ll keep you informed as we open it up  to third parties.

Other improvements:

  • Resolved intermittent issue where share events were not being successfully transmitted.
  • Fixed minor issue where previous comment text was still being shown after share completed.
  • Tested and working fine on latest version of Safari.
  • Resolved intermittent issue which would cause tabs to become duplicated under certain circumstances.
  • The registration process for a new user has been slightly changed to be quicker, more secure and more consistent with other web registration experiences. Integration with Google’s OpenID implementation has been updated to match.
  • Widget conversation posts can only be seen by people in your community.
  • Widget editor now has a ‘Revert’ option so you can reverse most recent changes to a widget.
  • Widget editor now has a ‘Validate’ feature which checks that the widget can connect to and retrieve data from the target sources – a small change but a big time saver.
  • Shortcuts can now be deleted from the footer bar.
  • Over at the Hub, Find/Join Communities has been revamped to be easier to use.

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