Revision #99 (‘Andromache’) available

Revision #99 (‘Andromache’) available
What’s with the revision numbers reverting?
Good question, reader! The revision numbering has gone back to 99 because last week we rebuilt our Development and QA environments. During this process we did some refactoring of the main trunk and got rid of some legacy code. So, to match up with the new environments, we decided to reset our software versioning and revision control system (Subversion), so the numbering started again. Our Staging and Live environments were unaffected.
Release Notes for revision #99
Community View timeline
– Now defaults to social media ‘off’
– Now threads responses, ranking each thread according to an algorithm
– Allows responses to all events to be configured
Community Administration is now done through the Community View.
Sabisu Welcome Process
– New users now get a startup guide which lets them setup their account with a profile picture and link their profile with external social networking sites.
– Widgets have received plenty of UX improvements to declutter the interface and increase focus on the content.
– Internet Explorer 9, Chrome, Safari & Firefox users will see added improvements when widgets are focused.
– Header has received some CSS fixes.
Widget Editor
– Variety of minor defects resolved regarding widget creation and categorisation. We continue to focus on the UX for widget creators and will do so for the foreseeable future.

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