Revision #3335 (“Astyanax”) available

Another interesting week here at Sabisu, with some great new features in the Builder including new sub-components and chart types.


When you have a community with a lot of users, you may not want to allow community Chat – it can be intrusive and not terribly relevant when the community is particularly large. Therefore it can be disabled in the Community Properties by a Community Administrator, through Edit Communities in the Hub:

Sabisu Community Options

Then click the obvious radio button to ‘Off’:

Sabisu Community Properties

Users will find that the community doesn’t appear on the Chat communities list any more. Anyone mid-Chat will find that they are presented with an informative message.

Sabisu is now connected to the following SaaS applications:

  • Salesforce
  • Google Analytics
  • EventBrite
  • MailChimp

They’re accessed through the Builder as per other back-end systems and we’d be delighted to help interested users connect and build their dashboards.

As always we continue to work on the database structure with a number of optimisations going in this week. We hope you’ll find it faster and more responsive than ever.


A new Chart type has been added; ‘scatter’.

We’ve resolved an issue around accessing Chart data externally, where the Sabisu Data Connector would incorrectly parse an argument when passing data over IPCS, i.e., from on-premise to cloud.

Fixed an issue where adding widgets to the Workplace from the Your Page & Widgets side-bar list of ‘Old’ pages wasn’t working reliably.

We’ve resolved an issue where hidden expandoblocks (i.e., areas which hold end-user configurable fields) could be made available to unintended groups of users. This reduces the likelihood of users seeing front-end behaviour that’s out of context, e.g., scrolling time-lapsed data intended for Sabisu TV played out on a desktop.

When an empty datatable  is passed to the Charting subcomponent, Sabisu will now generate a message informing the user that no data has been provided.



When a widget editor chooses to use the Sabisu Data Connector the platform will now validate the datasource and give feedback as to the issues it’s encountered.

There’s a new subcomponent in town; the ‘AJAX Call’. This allows developers to make standard or proxied call to a method, supplying a series of  JSON parameters and handling the success or failure of the call. We continue to make Sabisu a platform that allows our development partners to do great things.

Minor modification made to Property Names so that long strings of text can now be scrolled.

The underlying .DLL that supports the $Calc function has been changed to resolve an intermittent problem when calculating values which include a leading zero, e.g., 010.

The developer documentation for our demo database has been updated.


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