Revision # (“Cassandra”) available

Revision #2545 (“Cassandra”)

Revamped Header

  • New platform switch allows users to drop in and out of the social and dashboard areas.
  • Share instantly from the header, post to Sabisu and other platforms.
  • Improvements to the layout and styling of the header.

Community View

  • Community admin has now been integrated into the social UI, available through a new tab on the social UI
  • Users┬ácan now reply to posts in the social feed.
  • Bug fixes for community invite & search.
  • Status updates now show correctly.


  • Site feedback has had some improvements, notifications have received some minor modifications.
  • Communities have received some defect fixes and improvements.
  • Widgets with configured titles will now display that information in the sidebar, rather than just the generic name.
  • Linking a widget to chat from the widget is reliable.


  • Chat now displays the number of unread messages you have in a conversation.
  • Single quotes no longer cause chat to error.
  • Users can now do a search on chat tags without having a chat session in progress.

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